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MERN stack is a collection of technologies that enables faster application development. It is used by developers worldwide. The main purpose of using MERN stack is to develop apps using JavaScript only. This is because the four technologies that make up the technology stack are all JS-based. Thus, if one knows JavaScript (and JSON), the backend, frontend, and database can be operated easily. 

Course lessons

  • Javascript Basics
  • What is MERN Stack

  • Advantages Of Mern Stack

  • Node Js

  • Implementing Routes in Node JS

  • Rendering HTML Files in Node Js

  • Express JS

  • Express Routing

  • NPM Node Package Manager

  • Mongo DB

  • MongoDB Commands Like Create, Read, Update, Delete

  • Connecting Node JS With Mongo DB

  • How To Create a new React Application

  • Components and Different types of Components

  • Components Structure and Life Cycle

  • How to handle events in React

  • Applying styles to React JS Components

  • React Hooks

  • Forms and Form Submissions

  • Routing in React

  • Controlling one component from another Component with the help of Context-API

  • Connecting React Applications to Back-End and build complete full-stack Applications

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