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Course lessons

  • Network Fundamentals
  • Describe network fundamentals and build LANs
  • Next-generation firewalls and IPS
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Routing Technologies
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Access ports
  • Connectivity
  • LAN Switching
  • Fundamentals LAN Switching Technologies
  • Securing network devices
  • Describe IPv6 basics
  • Default route
  • Network route
  • Host route
  • Floating static
  • Establish Internet connectivity
  • Expand small to medium sized networks
  • WAN Technologies
  • Establish Internet connectivity
  • Manage and secure network devices
  • Expand small to medium sized networks
1. Routing Fundamentals
  • Routing protocol characteristics and virtual routers
  • Remote site connectivity
  • Introduction to ARP
  • DHCP Server
  • IPv6 routing and RIPng
  • Explain Frame Relay
  • Implementing EIGRP Route Manipulations
  • IGP redistribution and route selection
2. Switch
  • Enterprise campus design
  • Switch operation
  • Switch port configuration
  • Protecting the STP topology
  • Aggregating switch links
  • Multilayer switching
  • Logging switch activity and managing switches with SNMP
  • High availability
  • Securing switched networks

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